Pronunciation of "OM" -- Scientific Reason and Uses

Pronunciation of "OM" in proper way helps in inhaling maximum oxygen in body which is benfitial for Body and Mind. "Om" the core of Indian culture, the sound of universe.

Blowing the Conch("SHANKHAM") is good for Lungs & makes them strong. ("SHANKHAM" comes from the two sanskrit words "SHUM" which means "something good" and the "KHAM" meaning "water"......Hence the meaning of "SHANKHAM" is "THE CONCH HOLDING THE SACRED WATER").

Pronounciation of OM, Scientific Uses

Gayatri mantra if practiced regularly and with proper way can do wonders. Gayatri mantra is a purely scientific thing. The words in the Gayatri mantra produce 24 kinds of vibration which has effect on the 24 glands of our body.

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